Thoughts, emotions, and actions all create energy. But what actually is meant by “energy”?

Many people initially think of physical energy… which certainly is a factor in your career and life. Albert Einstein famously said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another,” proving that it is a fundamental force of nature and that – quite literally – everything is energy. And it’s really contagious.

For example: A leader walks into a room, clearly in a bad mood. The team instantly picks up on the tension, which you then see written all over their faces. They in turn are not open or engaging. Compare this to the dynamic leader who walks in that is open, believes in others and gives credit where its due – the team reacts in much the same way. The ripple effect here is energy.

Let’s define this further:

  • Catabolism – The process the body uses to generate energy to counteract a stressor.  The body will find available energy stored within its system and pull from it to generate energy.
  • Catabolic energy = draining, contracting, resisting energy (cat = down, against)
  • Seen in behaviors such as: fight or flight, argue, defend, avoid, resist, give in
  • Anabolism – The opposite energy and process is anabolic.  Anabolism is the process by which the body builds itself up and grows.  Anabolic energy is constructive, expanding, rejuvenating, and sustainable.
  • Anabolic energy = constructive, expanding, fueling  energy (ana = building, upward)
  • Seen in behaviors such as: acknowledging different perspectives, rationalizing differences, being of service to others, identifying a purpose in all situations, and not getting attached to one view or one way of doing things.

Anabolic energy tends to be harder to access and thus requires intention. Catabolic energy is easy to access and is often present in negative reactions to life circumstances. No one is exclusively anabolic or catabolic; energy is a continuum, and we all possess energy across the whole range. The seven levels of energy progress from the lowest, most catabolic state to the highest, most anabolic state. Everyone has the capacity to experience all seven levels. Although there may be levels that we spend more time in than others, we fluctuate from level to level throughout the day.

With tailored exercises and actions, Koda can help you better understand the drivers of your energy so that you can find joy in your work again. Or if we’re being technical, how to find more anabolic energy.

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