We want people to find JOY in their work.

Professionals are struggling to find fulfillment in their careers, leaving companies with disengaged, under-performing workforce.


of millennials in the workplace would trade money for a workplace purpose.


of millennials in the workplace wish they had chosen a different career path.


of employees are satisfied with available career advancement opportunities.

That’s Why Koda Exists

To help high-achieving individuals gain confidence, clarity, and community in their career journey. The Koda co-founders and team have extensive experience in coaching and mentorship, collaborating with a broad range of individuals at various stages in their careers – from executive leaders to recent college graduates. Through this work, Koda has impacted thousands of lives in the talent marketplace.

After hearing time and time again from individuals who care about their careers but found that capturing their plans in journals and excel files was far too limiting – Koda was born to fill this gap. The Koda team is now able to touch lives on a broader scale, ultimately fulfilling the mission of helping people find joy in their work by pursuing their life’s purpose–with guidance, support, and personal accountability.

Meet Our Team

Meet the amazing people leading the way to career growth.

Abby Hobbs

Head of Talent Experience

Hayley Morgan

Head of Content

Katie Smith

Head of Coaching

Rohit Jesudian


Tanner Watkins

Marketing & Communications Mgr.

Tom Bratton


Frequently Asked Questions

Koda means “guide” in Native American – and we chose this name for our company given that we see Koda as the ultimate guide in your career journey.

Sign up today here! You’ll enter a guided experience that walks you through how to set up and interact with Koda on an ongoing basis.

Koda offers a variety of plans – including a free plan – based on specific user needs. You can view the plan options here.

Your Koda Membership plan can be cancelled at anytime.

Your privacy is important to us, which is why Koda will never rent or sell the information you provide to us. Refer to our privacy policy here.

In order to best support our users, all Koda coaches are required to go through a certification program that is specific to Koda and its CareerTruth® methodology.

Yes – in fact, Koda will even give you the resources and guidance necessary to help match you with the right coaching fit.

The initial onboarding for Koda takes 1-2 hours–which can be tackled all at once or in bite-sized pieces depending on personal preference.

We’re at the ready to help with your concerns and issues. You can send us feedback – including ideas for making Koda better – at anytime at support@koda.inc.

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