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Raven Lee

Raven is a former HR executive and talent management leader known for her unwavering commitment to fostering employee wellness and reshaping work cultures. With a diverse career encompassing strategic planning, quality assurance, and HR leadership in the supply chain, technology, and transportation industries, she has dedicated her career to creating people-centric and emotionally healthy workplaces.

Scott Himes

Passionate about helping people, teams, and organizations take their next steps, grow, and find success both personally and professionally. I’m currently a Principal at Medallion Partners where we serve people in business and career with Organizational Strategy and Design, Executive Search, and Career Development.

M.T. Ray

An experienced Talent and HR Leader with over 20 years in the Tech sector.  My career has spanned companies of all sizes, in varying stages of growth.

Tricia Fox

A trusted advisor with 20 + years of experience in Career Development, Training & Leadership Development. Tricia specializes in training, curriculum design and enhancement, facilitating groups, executive coaching (face to face & virtual), professional, business and leadership development. She delivers adult learning solutions.

Michael Morgan

Strategic executive and talent advisor. Currently serving as Managing Director of Medallion Partners, a boutique organizational strategy and executive search firm.

Julie Barker

Current owner and CEO of Cultivate Talent, a people and talent strategy advisory for startups. Equal parts results and relationships oriented – always focused on a company’s best investment – their people! I’m actively involved in my local HR community, working to develop the current and next generation of talent leaders.

Rohit Jesudian

Rohit is the Founder and President of Koda and helps purpose-driven organizations to embody compassion, clarity, craft, and consistency by delivering user-focused solutions that inspire and delight. Previously he held roles in lead product design with ActiveCampaign, Zylo, and Indiana Wesleyan University.

Dana Moore

I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital.

Tom Bratton

Tom is a founder of Koda and the CEO of Medallion Partners, a boutique executive search firm in Carmel, Indiana. He established the CareerTRUTH philosophy and previously held executive roles for companies such as Angelcare, Technicolor, Jordan Industries, Clorox and Gillette.

Jill Lehman

Jill is an HR & C-Suite veteran who has held senior leadership roles in Fortune 100 to mid-size private equity-backed companies.

Noel Paul

Noel brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of functions, industries, geographies, and cultures. These include experiences in engineering, human resources, corporate social responsibility, franchise ownership, and marketing and commercialization for a health-tech start-up, as well as serving as an executive mentor for start-up first, becoming a grant recipient ($3M) from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and lending leadership of global initiatives in Argentina, Cambodia, Chile, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and Zambia.

Laura Konkle

Sounds like a cliche, but I am first and foremost, passionate about helping people live their best life.  Stating the obvious, but that can be quite different from person to person.

Michelle Davis

I think of the workplace as a playground in which we can live out our values, cultivate meaning, and reach our highest potential.  My coaching approach involves deep listening, powerful questions, and challenging my clients in order to deepen self-awareness and foster productive decision-making.  And while self-reflection is an important part of the coaching process, I believe pairing it with action is essential.

Jim Willett

Jim Willett, a thirty-year marketing and management veteran of the medical device industry, genomics research and political operations, has led many teams and organizations throughout his career.  In his multiple global leadership positions, he has recruited, interviewed, and coached new employees for a range of diverse roles and responsibilities. Willett brings a practical, hands-on approach to career coaching that is derived from his range of experiences – from small entrepreneurial ventures to large corporate environments.

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