Finding your dream job requires a lot of action verbs. But if you’re between jobs (or overwhelmed by your current position), it can be tough to motivate yourself. To kickstart your career, you’ve got to be ready, willing, and able to create and sustain your momentum. Luckily, there are a lot of quick and painless ways to get the ball rolling. Once you start seeing traction, it’ll become easier to check things off your list. Think of it like losing those first five pounds when you go on a diet. It seems impossible at first, but once you start seeing progress, it’s a lot easier to get on the treadmill.

Here are 5 ways to get your career moving in the right direction:

  1. Make A Plan: There’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off a list. Break down the steps you need to take into bite-sized pieces. Create specific action steps so you can chart your course and celebrate accomplishments along the way. Assign reasonable dates to each item, and hold yourself accountable.
  2. Schedule An Interview: Do you have a mention you’d like to meet? A colleague you want to emulate? Reach out and request a casual coffee or informational interview. As long as you set expectations up front, it takes the pressure of both sides and allows you to focus on exchanging ideas. By digging a little deeper into your contact’s career history, accomplishments and aspirations, or plans for the future, you’ll glean important insights into your own professional goals.
  3. Ask And Ye Shall Receive: Maybe your cousin’s neighbor’s girlfriend’s brother works in your desired industry. Don’t be shy about asking for an introduction. Employers want to find the best employees just as much as you want to find the right fit. Help bridge the gap by making the connections that could get you one step closer to the recruiter or hiring manager you’re targeting.
  4. There Is No Think, Only Do: Yoda knew best. Thinking about something indefinitely will never make it happen. The best course of action is… well, action. Start moving and create some momentum. If it’s difficult, ask your friends or family to help hold you accountable for translating your next “wouldn’t it be be great” into “next steps”.
  5. Give Back: There’s a nonprofit out there that would benefit from your time and expertise. Find it. By donating your time and skills, you’ll not only give back to your community, you’ll also gain valuable experience that easily translates back into the for-profit arena. Go a step farther, and volunteer in a fashion that’s related to your ideal career. For example, if you’re interested in being an elementary school teacher, try volunteering at an after school tutoring program. Volunteering creates positive energy, momentum, and provides purposeful work. You’ll also make connections, and it looks good on a resume.

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