In our previous post on the CareerTruth methodology, we introduced you to these three key principles: Mastery, Freedom, and Legacy. If you haven’t become familiar with the overarching CareerTruth methodology, now is a great time to do so before learning more about Freedom, the second of the three arcs of our CareerTruth philosophy. 

Freedom comes from making great personal choices in your use of time and financial resources.

Life is complex. We are all unique and varied individuals. At Koda, we use the term “work-life flow” to capture the importance of work flowing in harmony with our multifaceted lives. “Work-life balance” is a binary concept that oversimplifies this idea with work and leisure as its two counterparts. But there is much more to life. And we’re here to guide you to find joy in your work by helping you to intentionally pursue your life’s purpose. 

People often make career choices out of fear—fear of failure, fears around security, or simply not knowing what else to do. But what if you had the courage to be free–and to stop making short-sighted decisions based on fear, and instead make decisions from a holistic sense of purpose?

Koda guides you to discover what your priorities are in your season of life. You’ll build a personal career plan around the time you want to spend on activities such as relationships, work, commuting, health, and leisure. Financial goals are also part of this exercise and come into play when considering your freedom. This step in your career planning is a process of getting to know yourself and what drives you. It also helps you to be realistic about what sacrifices you’re making with certain choices. 

For example, LeBron James decided to focus on becoming a great basketball player. He didn’t spend his time and energy on football or baseball, and he didn’t do drugs or drink alcohol. Because he knew what he wanted to do, and this meant sacrificing certain things to attain that goal. 

Your customized career plan will help you uncover what’s most important for you today and plan for future goals over months, quarters, and years. And you’ll understand how your decisions impact other aspects of your life. By making conscious decisions, you’ll be fully aware and in control of working towards your purpose. You can make decisions with a sense of  “freedom for” doing things, such as achieving a specific goal, rather than “freedom from” things, such as a toxic work culture. 

Life is not static. Freedom and the implications of our career choices are continuously impacted by changes in life. Koda provides a flexible framework so you can adjust your priorities as needed and make decisions that allow you to maximize your life with positive flow. To see Koda in action, sign up for the solution waitlist.

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