In our previous post on the CareerTruth methodology, we introduced you to these three key principles: Mastery, Freedom, and Legacy. If you haven’t become familiar with the overarching CareerTruth methodology, now is a great time to do so before learning more about Mastery, the first of the three arcs of our CareerTruth philosophy.

Achieving Mastery means maximizing your unique talents.

Mastery is what most people focus on when thinking about their careers. This arc represents the trajectory of skills, knowledge and capabilities you acquire over time. The Mastery arc tends to start off as a steep curve and tapers off over time. Your expertise begins with education, then your knowledge, skills and competencies continue to build through work and learning experiences.

The path to mastery starts with knowing where you are today and recognizing you have more to learn to get you where you want to be. 

Mastery begins with your education, then your knowledge gained over time, then the full stack of skills and competencies that continue to build through work and learning experiences. 

No matter where you are in your career, you must continue to grow and develop.  To do this well, you need to take stock of your current professional inventory and consider where you would like to go in the near term and long term, even if it changes. 

In particular, Koda will help you to take stock of where your current level of mastery is, and to identify where you want to be at a future point in your career. This exercise will reveal a gap, which will become a focal point of your personal career development plan.

For example, say you’re a 28-year-old software developer and your goal is to become a principal software engineering manager within the next 3 years. Your plan would include getting experience in a variety of coding languages, leading teams and projects, executive communication skills, and developing business acumen. 

The result is a personalized development plan based on your specific goals for achieving mastery, seeking freedom, and leaving your legacy. To learn more about the CareerTruth methodology, go here to watch a series of brief videos.

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