As an eternal optimist, I started the year with a neatly typed list of grand resolutions and ambitious goals. However, life’s unexpected twists and turns make me feel like my New Year’s resolutions are playing hide-and-seek. I can’t help but wonder if it’s time to get back on track or give them up altogether.

I’ve made strides in some areas, but unforeseen challenges and distractions have derailed my original hopes. 

So how do I embark on a mid-year review that allows me to acknowledge my progress, identify things I can improve, and give me a renewed pop of (hopefully longer-lasting) motivation?

How can I use this moment as an opportunity to realign my new year’s resolutions and set a clear path forward for the remaining months? I’m eager to hear your guidance for a fruitful and fulfilling rest of the year.


In a Mid-Year Slump

Hey, Mid-Year!

You will be pleased to hear a CareerTruth – you are a high potential today! CareerTruth is a proven career philosophy leveraging centuries-old “truths” about humans and the experiences of thousands of talented people we have worked with over the past decade. In a world that can sometimes leave us feeling beaten up by expectations and the turn of calendars, we need to understand our personal CareerTruths associated with the unique three career arcs of Mastery, Freedom, and Legacy.   

Many people don’t stick with their resolutions because they are more like hopes or a wish. As we know – hope is lovely and necessary, but it’s not a plan. If you want to really improve and create an intentional path toward real goals, you need a plan. The key is creating a career plan aligned with your personal and professional goals to meet your purpose.  

I’ve experienced that same feeling you’re talking about. You start out the year with high hopes, and then suddenly you look up and realize you’re in the middle of summer and yet no closer to what you set out to do.

So, we developed a career management solution called Koda. Koda is a tool that allows you to do the hard work of making good plans, based on your values and skills, with the philosophy of CareerTruth woven in. Koda allows you to focus on and plan for the good work you set out to do. You will be able to declare, document, and be held accountable to your values, purpose, goals, action plans, and vision of success.

Koda lets you keep all your career information safe and secure in one place while providing expertise and advice as the seasons of life change.  

Start by thinking of today as day one. Resolutions are fun. However, owning your plan limits the slumps you encounter while providing clarity, confidence, support, and fulfillment. 

Cheering you on at the halfway point!


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