Dear Koda:

The news about the volatile job market and stock market has me stressed out. I’m in the later years of my career and believe I have one more stretch assignment left in me. But with the economic uncertainty looming, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the impact I hope to with these last several years. How can I conquer these market challenges and make sure my final post counts?

Seeking your input, 

Time to Shoot My Last Shot

Dear Last Shot, 

Fear is the enemy of freedom. At this point in your career, you should feel free to be your best and find the best opportunity to drive your legacy. I’m confident that there is an exciting place for you to invest your next (last?) season of work and effort.

A few quick thoughts to encourage you and point you in the right direction:

1) The Silver Tsunami is a real problem for future workforce demands.

But that means there’s an upside for people nearing the end of their careers. The silver tsunami has a 2X effect. First, the silver-haired crowd is retiring at a faster pace than ever. In addition, the brain drain is enormous when you consider every brain leaving the workforce has much a deeper and more contextual well of knowledge than those entering the market every year. We need you and your big brain.

2) Get organized and identify the skills you’ve mastered in your career. Be able to tell that narrative well. 

Spend time to name and claim your technical skills and your leadership competencies. These hard-won and well-honed abilities add the most value and likely are what you enjoy doing. 

To maximize your outcomes at this point of your career, focus on where you have true mastery to claim. To claim mastery, you must be able to write a STAR experience of success (detailed analysis of the situation, task, actions required, and results of the success that displays your mastery) or teach the skills as a subject matter expert. 

3) Identify lanes of work where the skills you’ve mastered will be most valued. 

Think of the broad market as the whole open road before you. There are many types of organizations where you can apply your skills. Research what is possible by open networking in markets you know and those that may be new to you. 

But then, think of your STAR experiences, skills, goals, and values as the road’s guardrails and center line. These boundaries clearly show you the best lane to travel. By finding your lane, you can make choices informed by what’s important to you so you take a new role for the right reasons to meet your purpose. 

By maximizing your mastery, organizing your story, and documenting what is most important to you in this final season of your career, you can be hopeful, optimistic, and confident in freely choosing how you want to live your purpose and leave a legacy. The world needs you. Be bold.

Have confidence in the value of your wisdom,


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