Without a clear plan–a map to guide your career forward—you’re flying blind. And without a north star, it can be difficult to determine which route will take you towards your goals. YourCareerTruth Journey is about the importance of having a real plan and process to make sure you fulfill your purpose according to your values. 

Your purpose is your “why”. Your north star. When people don’t have a long range purpose, they often feel unfulfilled when it comes to work. To define your purpose we focus on your values. Values are the beliefs, ideals, motivators, and characteristics that are uniquely important to you. These are your non-negotiables and personal decision-making tools that drive your perception and behavior. Compared to goals, your values don’t change, and they tend to be so deep-rooted that it’s critical to take the time to bring them to light.

When you understand and embrace your values, you’ll have clarity around your mission. With this clarity, you’ll be better able to make decisions, maintain perspective, and be proactive about your life. A deeper sense of purpose will motivate you and lead to greater fulfillment.  It will ultimately be the driving force behind your career.

By working through a series of guided exercises, Koda will help you to hone in on your core values. Building on your values, you’ll articulate a Purpose statement. Koda’s approach to Purpose consists of what you do, who you do it for, and how others will benefit from it. You’ll create a Purpose statement incorporating your goals for Mastery, Freedom, and Legacy. Your Purpose statement is part of your CareerTruth and will serve as your compass in your every day.

Finally, you’ll create your vision of success—a visualization of how you want to see your life lived to fulfill your purpose. Clarity can come from a strong mental vision from imagining how you wish your work and life to flow. With your purpose statement and vision of success defined, you’ll be ready to create a plan.

Once this foundational work is complete, you’ll be ready to build your personalized career plan to meet your purpose. Koda provides tools to build your plan, guiding you to set attainable goals and suggesting specific actions to meet them. There are two goal categories: personal and professional. For each category, you’ll be prompted to identify up to three goals to work on within the next year. Koda will provide suggested activities for you to create action plans with objectives and timelines for the goals you choose.

To keep you moving toward your goals, you’ll be asked to review your progress on a regular basis. You’ll receive accountability prompts to complete your actions and meet goals with timelines. You can add another layer of accountability with your board of advisors and career coaches.  Your plan will evolve and change as time goes on, through job and life changes. This evergreen plan will guide you to fulfill your purpose through all seasons of life.

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Koda is the only centralized solution built for you, the individual, that can span your entire career – no matter where you are in your career journey.