Koda, please help.

Right now, I’m an executive in a senior position, but the truth is, I’ve been losing sleep, afraid of losing my job. It’s got me thinking: if that were to happen, would I be able to find another role at the same level? 

At this stage of my life, I have so many responsibilities that I simply can’t afford to be without a job. There’s no real reason for my fear, and I haven’t had any bad reviews or big misses at work. 

I guess now I just know how much there is to lose, and I want to feel confident in my ability to get another job if I had to. I’m incredibly grateful for any advice or guidance you can offer.

Looking for reassurance,

 Exec with a Lot to Lose

Dear Exec with a Lot to Lose,

Right now, the news is doom and gloom, and it seems like everyone and The Market is on edge. It makes sense that you feel broadly worried about possibly losing your job, even though you have no personal reason to be fearful. 

Sometimes the degree of our fear matches the degree of what we stand to lose, and you mentioned you have built a life with considerable responsibilities to think about. 

From your letter, it seems like you’re looking for reassurance and confidence in your professional worth. 

First and foremost, take a deep breath. Shift your focus from what you stand to lose in terms of compensation and total rewards and instead put your attention on the value you bring to the marketplace.

To regain confidence in your professional worth, assess the market and your skills as they stand today. Consider exploring your value within your current company and the broader market. As part of your career planning strategy, conduct a career market research process that keeps you informed and agile about change. 

Knowledge is the enemy of fear, and being well-informed about the market can give you freedom in your career journey.

Begin your research by sharing the core elements of your career plan with your direct leader. Demonstrate your commitment to authentic development for the long term. Ask about potential areas for growth and development, and have open conversations with your direct leader and other leaders in the organization. Their insights and support will be crucial in understanding the current temperature within your organization and what’s possible in the future.

Beyond your current company, explore the marketplace surrounding your current organization and consider how your skills could be applied in different industries. This broader perspective can present new opportunities and help alleviate your fears.

By continuously gaining knowledge and staying connected to the market, you can adapt and seize opportunities while mitigating risks. Embrace the journey of exploring what’s possible and be open to new insights and ideas. Your research should fuel your innovation and lead to new big ideas for your growth, both professionally and personally. 

By talking with more people and looking at your skills in new ways, you’ll begin to remember the power of your own agency over your career. Remembering that you own your career will help when you feel nervous about the next alarming headline about job loss and stock market dismay.

Here are 3 actionable next steps:

1. Leverage informational interviews: Consider reaching out to professionals in your industry or target market for informational interviews. These conversations provide valuable insights and can help you expand your network. Ask questions about their career paths, industry trends, and any advice they may have for someone in your position. You will gain knowledge and perspective, and you may also uncover hidden opportunities or connections that can boost your confidence and career prospects.

2. Develop your career narrative: Building a solid personal career narrative can help you see other options for your next move. Look at the timeline from your first job, and begging to pull the thread that connects each job. You’ll find that there are certain things that just come naturally to you and that you want to do more of. From there, you can also strengthen your personal brand, significantly enhancing your professional value and marketability. Take the time to identify your unique strengths, skills, and expertise, and find ways to showcase them. You can create a professional website, share thought leadership articles, or actively participate in industry events and discussions. Establishing yourself as a reputable authority in your field will increase your visibility and attractiveness to potential employers or clients.

3. Seek mentorship or coaching: Consider building your Board of Advisors or hiring a Koda Coach who can provide guidance, support, and accountability throughout your career journey. A mentor or coach can offer valuable insights, help you set realistic goals, and provide personalized advice tailored to your situation. They can also help you build your confidence and overcome self-doubt by offering an external perspective and encouraging you to recognize your unique value in the market.

The path to regaining confidence in your professional worth is a continuous process. Remember, you have immense value to offer, and with the proper knowledge and strategic approach, you can navigate any career challenge that comes your way. We’re cheering you on!

Confidence Lies Ahead, 


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