It’s a simple fact: our stories are the currency of our relationships.

Powerful storytelling is a skill – and one that can transform ordinary encounters to ones that stand out in memory.

When it comes to your career, you have infinite opportunities to talk about your work, but most of the time we don’t put a whole lot of thought into this so we end up glossing over, playing small, or skipping any attempt to really share what we’re up to.

But when we consider how much weight is given to a confident and succinct sharing of our projects and ideas, let alone our purpose, we can see the value in spending time preparing for this.

It is critical you have the ability to tell the story of you well in a wide variety of circumstances. Every interaction you have with people is an opportunity to share your story and enable them to share theirs with you. This is how we build connections and relationships. This is how we network internally and externally. This is how we influence with greater impact. This is how we lead to greater outcomes. The ability for you to share yourself in the right doses opens others up to change, learn, be inspired, and create results.   

Your career story should include:

·   What has gotten you to where you are now

·   Where you are planning to go

·   And why

By knowing yourself well, having confidence in who you are, and yet being humble to the fact that every interaction you have is an opportunity for you to gain great feedback, you can engage successfully with anyone and likely even help them.

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