At Koda, we believe your career should complement and enhance your happiness in life. To that end, your career is a journey that you must be the owner of. Think about it—if you’re not in the driver’s seat, then who is? Our philosophy is either own your career… or be owned. It’s that simple. Yet very few people have a career plan that takes into account both personal and professional priorities.

So, what does that look like? A comprehensive plan is one that can evolve and adapt over time as your needs and aspirations change. In particular, our CareerTruth methodology focuses on three specific arcs of your career: Achieving Mastery, Seeking Freedom, and Leaving Legacy. 


Achieving Mastery is all about honing your craft and your ability to create value. These are the skills, competencies, and knowledge learned throughout your education and career.  It also encompasses leadership skills and professional career stages. Most career planning approaches focus only on the Mastery domain, but our CareerTruth philosophy goes further.


Seeking Freedom is about being true to yourself. It’s about doing what’s best for you at any given time. We encourage you to think about work life “flow” and what might be preventing you from living your best life. Career decisions come with opportunity costs around how much time you spend on work, family, and travel, or how much financial risk or gain you wish to attain. The idea is to make room in your life for the things you want, so you can have “freedom for” things instead of “freedom from” things. 


The third arc is Leaving Legacy. Here we prompt you to broaden your thinking to why you work and the number of people you positively impact, which is the measure of your life’s success. This arc is about going beyond yourself and thinking about others and the world around you. 

Koda enables you to build an evergreen plan considering all three arcs, with specific guidance and considerations related to the cross-arc implications.

You can learn more about the CareerTruth philosophy here.

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